Current events

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14-08-2017 - Power Grid Storm Day #4 — Transform your money with Alchemy. ionomy to add multicoin masternodes, wallets, and exchanges.
13-08-2017 - Power Grid Storm Day #3 — Jumpstart Game Development with Crowdfunding. Make your game concept a reality with the financial, technical, and marketing support of the ION community.
12-08-2017 - Power Grid Storm Day #2 — Thunderstruck. Thunder Premium Game Services attract players by tokenizing in-game currencies and offering Real Money Trading.
11-08-2017 - Power Grid Storm Day #1 — Lightning Strikes. Lightning Services enable the ION Advantage: cash-like tournament prizes, discounts, and unified multi-platform gamer accounts.
Five days of ionomy Storm announcements commence
28-06-2017 - ION reaches ATH (all time high) on Bittrex exchange of $3.11 -
27-06-2017 - ION wallet Community Edition released (ION version
17-06-2017 - Over the previous week a vulnerability in the ION blockchain has been systematically exploited. In response to this attack, the ionomy team, in concert with ION community developers, has been updating the code to mitigate and block the attack, and to correct the vulnerability. This requires a hard fork and a rollback of the blockchain.
23-05-2017 - Crypto Gravity Updated, Facebook integration and more. The Moon or Bust Teaser Trailer released @
17-05-2017 - ION wallet upgrades including Testnet functionability! Run testnet=1 in config to enable. check out the repo @ and join the ionomy Slack Testnet channel.
10-05-2017 - ionomy Studios’ revenue supports ION/BTC market using revenue from Crypto Gravity to buy direct off the market, marking a major milestone that shows the power of ionomy’s business model in action.
04-04-2017 - But ION feature - anyone with an ION wallet address can swap their BTC (and over 30 altcoins!) for ION — no or exchange account necessary.
23-03-2017 - Hosted Masternodes - Anyone can sign up to the ionomy hosted Masternode service, all levels of technical expertise can enjoy stress-free Masternode management.The Masternode Hosting Service includes DDoS protection to reduce threat of network attack, and monitoring scripts to auto start or restart in case of any problem. Rest assured ionomy is monitoring your Masternode for maximum earnings!
Masternode FAQ
22-03-2017 - Card upgrades - Crypto Gravity in game cards - Cards replace and extend staker skins. Just like skins, cards boost staker returns. But the new cards available today interact with games by depositing performance enhancers directly into Crypto Gravity!
07-03-2017 - Crypto Gravity released on the App Store for iOS users - Apple and Android players compete in the weekly tournament. Champions win substantial prizes: ION is paid directly to your ionomy account if you make the Leaderboard Top 10. Additionally at, you can purchase lives at half price when paying with ION. Head over the to App Store to start playing — and winning @
03-03-2017 - Crypto Gravity released on the Google Play for Android users - Lead character Grav must navigate the dangers of a futuristic dystopian galaxy, plagued by deadly robots and collapsing infrastructure.Only Grav can restore the powers of the blockchain, and he’s racing against time. Jump and shoot your way through the galaxy to restore the power of the blockchain to the people. Gravity melds easy-to-learn touch and tilt controls with old-­school levels of difficulty. The weekly tournament pits ionomy players and teams against each other for substantial prizes. Champions win ION, paid directly to their ionomy account. Download now @
19-02-2017 - ION is listed on the Bittrex exchange @
02-02-2017 - Ion-upgrade - ion core rebased - upgrade your wallets now.
28-11-2016 - Card store - The G.O.A.T 5% APR
28-11-2016 - Card store - Cyber Monday Special 15% APR
25-11-2016 - Card store - Black Friday Special 11% APR
25-11-2016 - Investor of the month competition launched on
21-11-2016 - 'Buy ion' feature made available on
07-11-2016 - Card store - Election Skin Special Johnson 7.5% APR
07-11-2016 - Card store - Election Skin Special Clinton 7.5% APR
07-11-2016 - Card store - Election Skin Special Trump 15% APR
27-10-2016 - Spooky Staketacular bonus rate stakers released
23-10-2016 - Hardware mining contracts EOL announced due to Bitcoin reward halving and mining difficulty making it uneconomically viable to continue as per agreement in contracts taken.
07-07-2016 - Alpha testing stage of Crypto Gravity the game has begun
07-07-2016 - ION testnet goes live (publically)
24-06-2016 - Ionomy Communications officer is appointed
16-06-2016 - Atom bonus coins released from Stakers (8:1 ratio)
06-06-2016 - Gravity the game video preview released
31-05-2016 - ION added to YoBit digital coin trading exchange @ - TRADE WITH EXTREME CAUTION ON YOBIT
18-05-2016 - ION/BTC Exchange goes live on
18-05-2016 - 16:21 GMT - Coins go live on and the blockchain.
16-05-2016 - ionomy ICO completed TOTAL SOLD 2,738,599 / 5,000,000
25-04-2016 - platform is opened to all
25-04-2016 - Week four of ICO. TOTAL SOLD 2,543,975 / 5,000,000
18-04-2016 - Week three of ICO. TOTAL SOLD 2,310,980 / 5,000,000
11-04-2016 - Week two of ICO.
09-04-2016 - ION technical white paper released (v0.1)
08-04-2016 - 2,208,678 of 5,000,000 ICO sold.
07-04-2016 - All Initial Staker Offerings have sold out:

ION ISO sold out.png

07-04-2016 - 11:47 GMT - 9 month Inital Staker Offerings have now sold out
07-04-2016 - 11:15 GMT - 6 month Initial Staker Offerings sold out.
03-04-2016 - 25% of the first week of ico sold out in the first 24 hours.
03-04-2016 - Initial coin offering goes live.
03-04-2016 - The 12 month ION Stakers sell out in less than 60 minues.
03-04-2016 - ION Stakers are made available to load up for 3, 6 and 9 months.
02-04-2016 - Ionomy and the ION platform are announced.