Import Wallet Private Keys

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It is always good practice to backup your public and private keys should, in case of an emergency and a failure of the wallet.dat file is experienced, you can import the keys back into a new wallet and after resyncing blockchain, you will have all your coins back.

If you have already done this as per the Export_Private_Wallet_Keys and need to import the backed up keys then please follow the instructions below.

From the file menu select: Help > Debug Window


walletpassphrase XXXXXXXXXXXXXX 600

XXXXXXXXXXXXXX being your encrypted wallet password and 600 representing the amount (ten minutes in seconds) the wallet should be unlocked for commands before it locks itself.

Press Return

Then type:


'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX' being you private backed up key and 'AddressHere' is the wallet address name, so change this to whatever you like.

After entering this command and pressing Return, the address will now be imported into the wallet, you can check this from the 'Receive' tab of the wallet.

Importprivkey 1.png


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