Darkmatter XDM deflationairy asset

The ion rebase was successful, a snapshot was taken of all balances in addresses (over 1 ion) on @ 2:00 pm GMT on Thursday the second of February 2017. The blockchain was then launched with a Genesis block being mined and all existing balances restored. If you have an existing ion wallet or daemon installation, you just need to update the wallet and re import the wallet.dat or address keys as per guides:

Building Daemon (updated) Install Ionomy Daemon Client On Ubuntu

Building QT (updated) Install_the_Ionomy_QT_Client_On_Ubuntu

Setup Masternode Daemon Masternode setup ION rebase

Setup Masternode How_To_Setup_Ionomy_Masternodes_-_ionomy_QT_client

Upgrading ION Windows Wallet ION Wallet Windows Upgrade Installation

Upgrading ION OSX Wallet ION Wallet OSX Upgrade Installation

Upgrading ION Linux Wallet Linux Daemon upgrade guide

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