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Welcome to the Ionomy Wiki,
For all your Ionomy digital currency information needs.
Established March 20th, 2016.

What is Ionomy?

Ionomy usage worldwide.

ionomy digital gaming currency

ION is the decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency developed by ION Core, the developer team. ION uses a Proof of Stake protocol, features a masternode network, and offers a zero knowledge proofs privacy protocol.

ionomy Studios designs games that encourage users to take part in the ION economy by competing in weekly mobile gaming tournaments for cash payouts. ionomy Studios’ third game, Offroad Heat, will be publicly released July 2018, in coordination with WoO Sprint Car, offroad truck, and NASCAR racing sponsorships. is a platform for gaming and financial services, including web wallets, hosted masternodes, and tools to use, spend, or trade cryptocurrency winnings from ionomy Studios games.

ionomy builds partnerships with third party game development companies, encouraging adoption of the ionomy PWR-GRD, the suite of services that makes integration with the ION ecosystem easy.

ionomy offers professional support to an user active community and coordinates marketing efforts with ionomy Studios.

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