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Welcome to the Ionomy Wiki,
For all your Ionomy digital currency information needs.
Established March 20th, 2016.

What is Ionomy?

Ionomy usage worldwide.

Ionomy digital currency

For any asset to have long lasting value, it needs to not only be intrinsically strong, but 1) useful, and 2) widely appealing. ION is such an asset. Backed by an innovative platform with a fully integrated digital economy, it is as easy for new users to enter the ecosystem as it is intriguing for cryptocurrency experts, veteran investors, and talented developers. The power of a secure, distributed network combined with an innovative platform and digital economy ensure a sustainable and exciting place for ION holders to store, use, and leverage their assets.

ION is a blockchain based decentralized cryptocurrency that rewards network participation via static proof of stake. ION rewards "connectivity age" instead of “[coin age],” thus eliminating abuse from exchanges and users that do not actively contribute to the network. By having a static reward system, the rewards for participation are proportional to the work every active node contributes. This discourages centralization and promotes network health. In addition to static rewards, ION implements a [masternode] network to incentivize large holders, and perform advanced functions such as near instant and private transactions.

The long term vision for ION is a thriving cryptocurrency ecosystem centered on gaming and digital goods.

How is this different?

The goal of is to make it easy for any user to discover digital currency. New users learn how our digital currency, called ION, works by using it on an intuitively designed platform. Mobile and desktop platforms make ION accessible to nearly all users.

The website is a full featured financial platform that’s easy to use. Web-based wallets for both ION and Bitcoin (BTC) make it a snap for users to store, send, and receive coin. Users can deposit ION into staking wallets to get even more ION at fixed rates of return, paid daily. A live exchange for BTC/ION pair trading is available on launch. The platform also allows instant conversion from most cryptocurrencies directly to ION.

As with any cryptocurrency, individuals can also store and stake their ION on local private wallets outside the platform on any major operating system. Intermediate and advanced users with 20,000 ION can host “masternodes.” These masternodes help secure the network and are rewarded with ION for that work. See the ION Technical White Paper for details.

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