Darkmatter XDM deflationairy asset
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The following bounties have been identified as post launch priorities:

  • Time delay transaction / Safe address (see example #1 below for further specification)
  • Smart contract / escrow
  • Colored coins / side chains / assets (see, for instance, example #2 below)
  • HTML5 wallet
  • Electrum wallet
  • ION-j for mobile wallet based on java
  • In-wallet social integration

Bounty example #1: Time delayed transactions with safe address*

The problem: Cold wallets — storage addresses with completely privately generated keys holding coins that are never online — provide the best known security in cryptocurrency. Users can print a private key on paper wallet that can be stored in a safe location. The optimal network, however, depends upon widespread participation by users holding ION in online wallets. Consider this scenario: If user Jane had a connected wallet (or masternode) at work and she leaves it running at night, then Dick, an employee in the IT department, could hack into her computer and send all her coins to his own address. Jane would have no remedy.

The bounty: Create a safe address system with delayed transactions to protect the ION owner even if the private key security is compromised. The developer will create an on-chain parameter that sets a variable delay in any send action for a given address, and points the wallet contents to a designated failover address if triggered. Now if Jane sets the time delay parameter to 10,000 blocks, then when Dick hacks her wallet, Jane still has a week to trigger the failsafe. If she does not trigger the failsafe, Dick gets her coins. But if she catches the attack in time, she can simply send a signal which diverts the coins to her cold wallet address. From there she can delete the compromised keys, and start fresh with new security measures, access her safe wallet and start staking again. The developer who wins the bounty will provide ION users with a whole new level of security: a "warm" wallet which strikes a balance between the safety of a cold wallet and the utility of a hot wallet. The “stake safe” system will optimize speed and security for the network and reward opportunities for the individual.

*This bounty example is a simplification for illustrative purposes. Actual bounties, posted on github, will fully detail specific requirements and parameters.

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