Coin Development Roadmap

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Coin development roadmap will foster development on the open source core code for ION by defining targets, posting specifications for bounties, and paying independent developers for completed and validated commits. This approach allows the ionomy core development team to focus on what they do best, building the mobile and social games at the heart of the ION economy. The bounties engage the best talent from the developer community to enhance the core coin code while decentralizing coin development. The ION community can collectively influence the direction of the coin: if the community wants a feature and is prepared to post a bounty, the bounty will motivate developers to built it.

Payments for the bounties will be held in multisignature wallets. Pull requests are first implemented in the test network environment. Once deemed to meet the requirements and specifications set forth in the bounty, pull requests will be merged into the main branch of ION source code on github and bounties will be paid directly to the code developer.

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