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Electrons are not part of the ionomy blockchain or the ionomy digital currency. They are an exclusive product of ionomy.com.

ionomy.com Electrons

Electrons are an exclusive ionomy.com asset which are produced daily by Atoms.

Electrons can be used to electrify ION Stakers which will increase the stake rate for 24 hours.

In the future users will be able to earn Electrons from playing games, watching videos, and for just participating in the ionomy.

Individual Stakers can be selected to electrify daily. When electrifying a Staker the required amount of electrons will be deducted from your storage. Users must have the full amount of electrons required to electrify their Staker. Partial loads are not available.

Users with large enough Atoms holdings to produce enough electrons to load electrify their Stakers daily, my elect to auto-load the electrons.

Should a user run out of capacity upgrades are available. Electron capacity ranges from the default 100 to the maximum of 2000.

More information about Electron production and their impact on ionomy.com Stakers can be found below:

Electrons and their uses

Example 'electrified' Staker


- Electrons will be able to be produced from playing games such as Gravity the Game - more details will be released in time.