Export Private Wallet Keys

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It is always very good practice to back up your public and private wallet keys from within your wallet, backing up these keys is safer that just backing up the wallet.dat file (A wallet.dat file can become corrupted due to many reasons such a as a data transfer error or system crash. If this occurs you will lose all of your coins).

There are a couple of ways of backing up your wallet address's one is to manually copy the wallet.dat file and another is to export the public and private keys. In this way, if a new wallet is installed you can import the public and private keys ready to resync the blockchain again. To see the process for importing private keys goto the Import Wallet Private Keys page.

To export private keys start the wallet the on file menu goto Help > Debug Window. Tab to Console

In console type: walletpassphrase thisisyourpassphrase 600

Replace thisisyourpassphrase with your wallet password / encryption key - the 600 value is seconds so for 10 minutes the wallet is unlocked.

Press return.


iXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX being your public key (normal ION address) You can copy this from the receive coins page.

Press return.

Dumpprivkey 1.png

That is the process completed - You can now copy BOTH the public and private keys to a text file and keep that is a safe and secure place (maybe copied onto two separate USB key for safety) and do not show to anyone else.

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