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Ionomy frequently asked questions


ionomy online wallet

The online wallet can be used for many different purposes such and sending and receiving funds to friends, paying for goods and services online and much much more, the online wallets can be used on for the different services such as loading up stakers, buying Cloud mining contracts, trading BiTS and much more.

To use the online wallet there are two functions being Send and Receive, to send coins a forms displays asking for details as the send to address and the amount to send, you can send Bitcoin and Ion quickly and easily his way.

To receive coins you select the ‘receive’ button and an address for the coin to receive will be displayed as well as a QR code for mobile wallets and applications.

If you require a different receiving coin address you can request this once per 24 hour period via the wallet dashboard.

What are the different leaderboards?

There are different leaderboards on the ionomy platform.

How do I use auctions to buy or sell Atoms?


How do I use the exchange to buy and sell ION?

In the exchange you can buy or sell ion with btc. On the top of the page the Volume, Last Price, 24 Hour High and 24 Hour Low.

Exchange highlow.png

Below that is a chart showing the trading action for one hour charts or daily charts.

Exchange tradingchart.png

Just below the charts is where trades are placed. On the left is where you put in orders to buy ion. You put in the amount you want to buy and the price in btc that you are willing to pay and the bottom box shows the total that you will pay. (The image is an example, showing a cost of ion and value of btc at the time of the image and will not be the same when you trade) When you trade order is filled the ion will be deposited in your online wallet ready for further use.

On the right is where you sell, using the same procedure as buying. Boxes showing Sell/Buy orders and the Open Orders. This is where you see all the orders that others have placed. The Your Open Orders is where the orders you create will show until the order is filled. When an order is filled that entry is deleted and funds deposited or deducted from your respective wallets.

Exchange buysellwalls.png


How do I change my password?


I am getting a new phone or tablet, how do I reset my 2FA

If you are getting a new phone you can now reset your 2FA yourself.

     Click on  Account Settings

Settings 2fa reset 1.png

     On the page that opens up enter your password and current 2FA code.

Settings 2fa reset 2.png

     Click Disable 2FA then setup 2FA on your new device.