Off Road Heat

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Off Road Heat is the Newest game for ionomy Studios, it is a truck racing off road game where you can play with you friends in multiplayer. AS with the other previous games released, including The Moon or Bust here are also weekly tournaments (coming up) where you can win $ION - paid directly into your ionomy account.

Check out the How To Guide Taking part in ionomy gaming tournaments to learn how to link the game to your ionomy account in order to take part and possibly win real money CA$H prizes - there are 10 prizes weekly, so some people have to win them!

Of course, there is a catch... The game is in open Beta so prizes are not being paid out right now but that does not mean you cannot take part, get good and then be ready to Win and be the Best off road truck driver!

Website is at [1]

Download for Android devices: [2]

iOS version is nearing public release from Apple.