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DASH Cryptocurrency

dash cryptocurrency

Dash is a transactional decentralized peer-to-peer? currency, it is based on Bitcoin? but has added privacy? features, with an average block time of 2.5 minutes, it is four times faster than Bitcoin?.

DASH was originally called 'Xcoin', then it went on later to become 'DarkCoin' and was eventually rebranded to 'Dash' which is a portmanteau of Digital Cash.

It is possible to take part in DASH masternodes these require 1,000 DASH coins each and a server with daemon software to utilize. These full nodes? running on a P2P network allow peers to receive updates about events on the network. Just like full nodes on the Bitcoin? network, they must provide a particular service on the DASH network such as PrivateSend? and InstantSend? as well as relaying and confirming regular transactions on the DASH network and its blockchain.

The DASH Masternodes create a second tier network over the top of the normal first tier of miners? following a proof-of service? algorithm and this two-tier system then allows for proof-of-service? and proof-of-work? mechanisms to work in conjunction across the Dash network.

For their work on the Dash network, these constantly running masternodes? are rewarded in the shape of shares of new blocks found, this average is 45% but this is constantly fluctuating due to the variables in the algorithmic equation and depends upon the current block reward structure, the total number of masternodes?, the total number of masternodes? the owner runs and each day block average across the network, other factors such as uptime and even factors such as the internet quality connectivity can make a vast difference.

if you do not have the full collateral required for a full DASH masternode that require exactly 1000 DASH coins, you can take part in ionomy sharenodes for fractional investments with ongoing return rewards from just 0.001 DASH at

 DASH Coin details 
Ticker symbol? DASH
Founder Evan Dunfield
Release date 18th April 2014
Total coin supply? 18,000,000 Max
Blockchain protocol? Proof of work?
Algorithm? X11?
Block time 2.5 minutes
Privacy? Yes, is optionable
Scalable? Yes
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