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There are actually fun and easy ways to obtain cryptocurrencies rather than risky faucets and investment schemes. You can play to earn $ION crypto, just by doing what you love — playing games!

Simply register an account on , download one of the games available from the App and Play Stores, log in and play for FREE. Every week you have a chance to win up to $150 in crypto with 1st place by competing in the tournaments at , there are TEN prizes EACH week per game!!

Games from ionomy Studios Ltd are globally available for Android and iOS devices, free for anyone to play, and best of all, FUN!

ION weekly tournaments

How do I get crypto while having fun?

Create an account on

Download the games from the relevant to your device app stores:

Crypto Gravity

  • Nearing release (Public Alpha test stages)

Offroad Heat

Offroad Heat homepage -

Offroad Heat Download - Android:

Offroad Heat Download - iOS:

The Moon or Bust

The Moon or Bust - Android - Download -

The Moon or Bust - Download - iOS -

Taking part in the ionomy gaming tournaments

To link your account to the device and gameplay, open the game and login with the very same credentials you just registered with on

Game login to ionomy tournaments

After playing for some time in the Ranked modes, the weekly standings will be updated and you can then check your place on the leaderboards via the dashboard - if you do well at the games, you could potentially win real cash prizes paid in ION, directly into your personal account.

The tournaments reset weekly so there are many chances to win $ION.

ION weekly tournaments leaderboard TMOB

Join the ionomy Discord Gaming channels:

Crypto Gravity Discord channel

Offroad Heat Discord channel

Rumble Arena channel

The Moon or Bust channel

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Page last modified on March 01, 2019, at 04:08 PM