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Sharenodes are a service on that allow partial shares in masternodes? to be built up with small investments, this way anyone can take part in these special nodes? that verify and secure transactions on the differing blockchain? proof of stake networks - this allows for decentralization? with added layers of security.

With the proof of stake system that masternodes utilize, it is possible to store coins in a client wallet? and providing that there is enough network time accrued, with eligible coin weight - staking rewards can be sought this way, but their values are much less than that of a masternode.

The value of a full masternode can be very expensive, check out the MasternodesPro DASH statistics page at - yes that is correct, they are valued at over $140,000! Each coin is worth $140+ and you need exactly 1000 of them to run a full DASH masternode!*

*Costings correct as at 14/05/2019 - please check out the statistics page above for real-time current market values.

With ionomy Sharenodes, you can take part and have partial shares in masternodes with fractional investments as you can see from the table below:

Collateral comparison for masternodes/ionomy Sharenodes

Coin?Full Masternode Minimum Sharenode share
DASH1,000 0.00100000
ION20,000 1.00000000
PIVX?10,000 1.00000000

You can stock up on any value (up to a full masternodes worth) by using the sharenode markets? at

ionomy Sharenode market overview

ionomy sharenode market overview

sharenode coin marketsionomy sharenode coin markets
sharenode market history and toolssharenode market history and tools
wallet balance available to exchangewallet balance available to exchange
market order typemarket order type
sharenode order amountcoin sharenode shares
per unit market order priceper unit market order price
sharenode total order price/sell pricesharenode total order price/sell price
sharenode market book sell orderssharenode market book sell orders
sharenode market book buy orderssharenode market book buy orders

With the supporting coin sharenode chosen, it is a quick and easy process to exchange from regular coin to ****SX node shares, as soon as the shares are bought, you will start earning masternode rewards with payments going directly to your ionomy portal account wallet, the rewards are scraped? and sent several times per day.

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