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Wagerr Cryptocurrency

WGR cryptocurrency

Wagerr is a decentralized peer-to-peer? sports betting currency forked from PIVX? but with added privacy features, it has an average block time of 1 minute.

Originally WGRs protocol was via the Waves-over-WGR blockchain.

On the first anniversary of Wagerr mainnet, which was 00:00 UTC 16 February 2019, the Waves to Wagerr Mainnet swap gateway was terminated, after that point had passed it was no longer possible to swap from Waves-over-WGR to mainnet WGR with its Staking, betting and masternode functions using the Qt? wallet*

Wagerr masternodes require exactly 25,000 WGR coin and a daemon? client to run, this requires setting up a local Qt? client and remote VPS configurations. offer a hosted masternode service for a nominal fee appealing to those who do not wish to get their hands dirty compiling and editing lines of code on the local and remote VPS - it is a simple one-click affair.

The main appeal with WGR is the sports betting functions, with nearly 100,000,000 bets placed with the Qt? wallet client - Check out the statistics page at

wagerr Electron client - testnet

A testbed has been developed for the new Electron? client app, this is still in the testnet stage but already offers many advantages over the old system with an easier user interface, faster program operation, live updated betting odds and even a WGR lottery!

If you would like to take part in the testing program, join the 'Wagerr - Tech & Public Testnet' channel at

 Wagerr Coin details 
Ticker symbol? WGR
Founder David Mah
Release date 18th Jun 2017 - 02:36:08
Total coin supply? 24,000,000
Blockchain protocol? Proof of stake
Block time 1 minute average
Privacy? Yes, is optionable
Scalable? Yes
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