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Initial Coin Supply

Initial coin supply

A total of 10,900,000 IONs will be used for the initial coin supply. These coins are generated in the genesis block and will be held in trust by The coins were* distributed as follows:

5 million IONs will be available through the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in exchange for BTC and a wide selection of other cryptocurrencies. Details about the ICO and cost can be found at will manage the proceeds from the ICO and any coins that are not sold will be used to incentivize independent developers to integrate their games into

3.4 million IONs are allocated to and shall be distributed as structured incentives to gamers through the gaming applications designed by These incentives are meant to help distribute the coin, grow the user base, and engage users in the ION social, financial, and gaming economy.

2.5 million IONs are reserved to pay bounties for coin development. Bounties contribute to decentralized development. They invite cross-fertilization across the crypto space, bringing the best minds to contribute to the ION economy (the "ionomy"). Bounties also allow the community to drive initiatives by posting rewards for any feature desired. Initial development priorities are outlined in the Bounties section below.

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