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15-04-2020 - Join team ionomy analysing SARS-nCoV-2019 (Coronavirus) proteins - Team ionomy have set aside computing power to help in the research of disease proteins with the Folding@home distributed computing project where you use your computer to look for cures to various diseases like the current Coronavirus pandemic as well as other viruses and diseases including AIDS and cancers. To join the ionomy team visit to download the app, Team ionomy are 254545 - check out our statistics page @
28-03-2020 - More trading pairs added on the ionomy exchange - ETH/BTC, STEEM/BTC and HIVE/ION added!
17-03-2020 - Wagerr Sharenode market opens on! - Holders of WGR the popular sports betting cryptocurrency can now take part in WGRSX, these are shares of full masternodes, however much you invest you will receive rewards - 1:1 WGR to WGR for relative masternode payouts
13-03-2020 - First round of ATOMS Airdrops on the ionomy platform awarded - Pre-existing ATOMS holders received the first airdrops - check your balances :)
28-02-2020 - GameGrid - Staged migration is now underway The upgrade process will require temporary outages of certain services on the ionomy platform until complete, any payout and rewards will be credited once the upgrade work is completed on the systems.
21-02-2020 - ionomy airdrops of Dark Matter XDM are coming - Keep an eye on news posts for more info.
15-02-2020 - First ION-Dash rebase Mining rewards - With the new DASH rebased ioncoincore code it is part staking, part hardware mining. The first mined blocks on the ION rebased chain were minted!
10-02-2020 - Extra developers onboarded to ION with the upcoming DASH rebase, they are not only working on GameGrid and POTX but are making improvements across the ionomy ionosphere with security, performance and reliability.
15-01-2020 - ION coin core/DASH rebase testing is well under way, ION masternodes with the rewards system, voting and security, POW/POW hybrid ION coin mining - as well as documentation to support the new system, it is all nearing reality ;) Message in the Discord for a Testnet invitation if you would like to take part.\\ 22-12-2019 - BITTREX exchange relists ION Cryptocurrency - Bittrex Global is headquartered in Liechtenstein and some legal updates were made to comply with legislation, ION/BTC trading pair is on the exchange platform live.
20-12-2019 - CREX24 now lists ION - The ION coin continues its proliferation right up until the last days of the year with a brand spanking new listing on the prodigious CREX24 crypto exchange. CREX24 opened its doors in 2017 and now boasts almost $3 million USD in daily trading volume.
-updating- 24-09-2019 - MAGIC TOKEN CREATED! - The first token on the ION blockchain has been created, the transaction ID is at
04-09-2019 - ION core 4.0 released, pre-fork -
21-08-2019 - Token Testing and PIVOT(!) tease - ionomics Community Podcast, ep08 - ALL CHANGE! ionomy "pivot" is coming! -
11-08-2019 - Talkin' Tokens - ionomics Community Podcast, ep07 - (2:20 – recapping discussion from ep06 with Rhyan Garrison) (3:55 – introducing (sort of) ATP (Atomic Token Protocol)) (8:42 – ATP token features – what makes them better?) (13:40 – use cases for ATP tokens) (27:08 – Ethereum blues) (31:02 – token contest? tease)
08-08-2018 - ION Token testing goes live to the public! - Get involved now if you are not already via the Discord #ION-Testing channel at
21-07-2019 - ionomy Podcast Episode 06 - (1:35 – discussion with Rhyan Garrison) (9:50 – tokens in 2d layer vs tokens on core blockchain) (20:30 – a better deal for developers selling in-game assets via tokens) (23:15 – Andrew Stone’s role in ionomy token development code) (24:00 – token use cases (beyond games): fundraising) (32:12 – coins vs tokens) (35:07 – censorship-proof tokens) (37:42 – coming attractions: more different kinds of rewards coming for ionomy platform users) (39:50 – some news thoughts) (Patrick Tousignant – ionomy Road
12-07-2019 - ionomy Podcast Episode 05 - (ionomy News Roundup - 1:37) (FATF / Regulation rant 9:04) (More FATF 16:34) (Alt coin apopalypse 20:18)
28-06-2019 - ionomy Podcast Episode 04 - (ionomy News Roundup - 03:40) (GameGrid - 08:33) (Tech and Toys – Asana 16:40) (23:09 - Next week and disclaimer)
20-06-2019 - ionomy Podcast Episode 03 - (Dark Matter presale review - 04:50) (Privacy - 10:30) (Libra/Facebook - 18:31) (Cosmyc - 25:37)
19-06-2019 - BTC/XDM Market opens on ionomy
16-06-2019 - Last day of XDM Darkmatter? sale
12-06-2019 - BTC/ATOMS Market live now on ionomy portal
11-06-2019 - ionomy Podcast Episode 02 (Bittrex - 03:04) (Game Grid - 07:59) (XDM - 18:39) (Airdrops - 24:10) (ATOMS - 25:48) (Exchange - 28:35)
08-06-2019 - Rumble Arena game launched on Steam store
26-05-2019 - XDM Darkmatter Round 2 starts Two of five rounds.
25-05-2019 - XDM Darkmatter? (Price discovery) Golden Hour 10am-11am Central Time
23-05-2019 - ionomy Podcast Episode 01 Meet the host as he introduces himself to you and shares thoughts about $XDM and more!
20-05-2019 - XDM Darkmatter? Token Auction begins The first on chain ION token is XDM Darkmatter? -
02-05-2019 - BTC/IONSX markets open on ionomys Alchemy exchange for Masternode shares with IONSX? Sharenode
26-04-2019 - Live YouTube GameGrid walkthrough and more! -
19-04-2019 - Live YouTube ionomy update and GameGrid/Luckytap? announcement -
29-03-2019 - Roadmap tour - The first thing you will notice about the new Roadmap is that we are now providing three lanes of information. You can now get information about the blockchain, the platform, and the gaming enterprise all in one place.
22-03-2019 - Crypto Gravity v2.0 platform game returns and is released to the general public, shoot and get past the robots to compete with other players to compete in the weekly tournaments to win ION Cryptocurrency.
16-03-2019 - Masternode Hosting as low as $5/month - Host your ION, PIVX?, SLATE?, MNPCoin?, and WGR with the one click setup on -
15-03-2019 - Three months FREE WGR Betting on the blockchain masternode hosting? on using the special Wagerr Hosting promo code, read more at
14-03-2019 - ION block reward revised - ION Improvement Proposal (IIP #3: Revised block reward schedule), the ION block reward schedule has been updated to account for a network that is larger and more active than what was envisioned when the White Paper was published in 2016.
13-02-2019 - ionomy adopts ION coin as official currency - All spending on the ionomy platform now drives demand for ION. ionomy still accepts payment in any currency, but now every payment in BTC gets converted to ION through market buys to complete the transaction.
06-02-2019 - Mandatory ION wallet update. Masternode restart required - New wallet available - The ION Core Developer Team has released a new wallet. This is a mandatory upgrade resulting in a hard fork of the network.
26-01-2019 - ION hard fork. Privacy upgrades. Action needed. - The upcoming ION hard fork introduces Version Two of the zerocoin protocol (xION v2).
03-01-2019 - ION community and open source development - The ionomy community is growing by leaps and bounds, so we wanted to make sure everyone knows where ION development is happening, and how you can take part.
04-01-2019 - ionomy live update! Friday, January 4th, 9pm GMT - ionomy hosted a YouTube Live community update: - See the video at
13-12-2018 - ionomy’s multi-asset Alchemy exchange adds MasterNodesPro Wagerr (Main/WGR) - Alchemy, ionomy’s multi-asset exchange, now lists Wagerr (WGR) for trading, masternodes, and online wallets. Send your WGR coin to your ionomy account and start a Masternode?. Exchange your WGR rewards for BTC or trade up to another Masternode. Get started today at
10-12-2018 - ionomy’s multi-asset Alchemy exchange adds MasterNodesPro (MNP) for trading, masternodes, and online wallets. Send your MNP coin to your ionomy account and start a masternode. Exchange your masternode rewards for BTC or trade up to another Masternode. Get started today at
05-12-2018 - ionomy’s multi-asset exchange adds Slate Entertainment Currency (SLX)
28-11-2018 - HaasBot? automated trading comes to ionomy Exchange - The industry leader in robotic and AI powered trading has partnered with ionomy. Today the ionomy team announces a partnership with HaasOnline for integration of their crypto trading bots on the Alchemy Exchange at Effective immediately, Alchemy users will be able to fully integrate with HaasBot? to implement custom trading strategies that run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 8 markets - and with more to come.
21-11-2018 - ionomy adding 100,000 ION Sharenodes November 30th - We are excited to announce that, starting on November 30, 2018, additional ION Sharenodes? (IONSX?) will be available at The world was introduced to Sharenodes back in October of 2018 with the launch of platform v3. The concept is simple. A number of masternodes are pooled to generate masternode rewards. Fractional portions of this pool are then made available as Sharenodes?, meaning that Sharenode holders receive passive income without the full commitment of 20,000 ION for a masternode. A Sharenode can cost as little as one ION. Or one PIVX or one DASH, because ionomy supports hosting of those assets, as well.
18-10-2018 - ionomy Sharenodes Making masternodes accessible - Sharenodes are tradable assets that facilitate fractional ownership of pooled masternodess?. Sharenodes are a win-win feature of the new ionomy platform. Traditionally, masternodes have presented an attractive opportunity for earning passive income by committing to hold large amounts of [Main/[cryptocurrency]] and allocating processing power to secure the coin’s network. Until now, the expense of acquiring a full masternode and the technical knowledge required to operate one have been the two main barriers to entry. ionomy’s Sharenode innovation addresses both challenges.
09-10-2018 - ionomy platform 3.0 is LIVE! - Welcome to the new ionomy - The new platform is live! Register now for free web wallets at All ionomy accounts are upgraded, Platform V.3 has arrived! ionomy now serves as a full-featured Crypto Hub with a Multi-Asset Exchange?, Multi-Coin Masternode Hosting?, and a new kind of tradable asset: Sharenodes.
08-10-2018 - New ionomy Platform: 4pm UTC October 9th - ionomy is upgrading all user accounts as Platform Version 3 goes live. Access to will be paused for the upgrade on Tuesday, October 9th from 2-4 PM UTC. ionomy now serves as a full-featured Crypto Hub with a Multi-Asset Exchange, Multi-Coin Masternode Hosting, and a new kind of tradable asset: Sharenodes.
08-10-2018 - Action Required! Legacy ION and BTC addresses expire with Platform 3.0 - Changes coming. We’re really excited about the launch of Platform 3.0. It’s packed with exciting new features and services. Scroll down to read recent news posts detailing these great features. Before V3 goes live, we need you to redirect any recurring payments to your legacy receiving addresses. Your balances won’t change, but your addresses will. Here’s what you need to know:
03-10-2018 - Sharenodes A new asset class debuts on ionomy platform 3.0 - The future of ionomy is almost here -
28-09-2018 - Advanced Masternode Hosting - PIVX and DASH join ionomy platform 3.0
26-09-2018 - ionomy Platform 3.0 is coming!

18-09-2018 - ION added to Blockfolio Added to Blockfolio signal for news updates about the ionomoy and ION coin -
17-09-2018 - First look: ION New HTML wallet
28-08-2018 - ionomy YouTube Live! -
26-08-2018 - Offroad Heat from ionomy Studios Ltd is available now! Take part in the weekly play to win championships to win ION? Cryptocurrency, paid directly into your dashboard account

14-07-2018 - Kasey Kahne NASCAR Xfinity Series race Kentucky Speedway featuring the Dartmatter XDM paintscheme - Finishes 25th

07-06-2018 - Ryan Sieg NASCAR Coca-Cola Firecracker 250 at Daytona International Speedway, finishes 27th after crashing out

10-04-2018 - ionomy partners with Rekall Games -
22-02-2018 - ionomy Studios partners with Kasey Kahne Racing -
05-02-2018 - ionomy to present and GDC 2018 -
27-01-2018 - Important security reminder -
26-01-2018 - Countdown initiated. Destination Moon -
21-01-2018 - 2018 ionomy Roadmap published -
12-01-2018 - iomomy infrastructure updated -
20-12-2017 - The Moon or Bust public beta -
01-12-2017 - ionomy takes out the Slack. Join the team on Discord -
06-11-2017 - Statement regarding the potential Bitcoin SegWit2x fork -
03-11-2017 - The Moon or Bust beta nears rollout -
14-10-2017 - ionomy Roadmap update -
15-09-2017 - After the Storm: Progress report
17-08-2017 - Power Grid Storm Day #7 Dark matter token to be the first ION coin side token -
16-08-2017 - Power Grid Storm Day #6 ION “Core” developer team grows, focuses on tokens - Core advances support Power Grid with tokens riding on the ION blockchain.
15-08-2017 - Power Grid Storm Day #5 Accelerate monetization with 12x faster crypto payout - Spark Ad Network rekindles the fire between advertisers and developers. It’s Day Five of the ION Storm.
14-08-2017 - Power Grid Storm Day #4 Transform your money with Alchemy - ionomy to add multicoin masternodes, wallets, and exchanges.
13-08-2017 - Power Grid Storm Day #3 Jumpstart Game Development with Crowdfunding - Make your game concept a reality with the financial, technical, and marketing support of the ION community.
12-08-2017 - Power Grid Storm Day #2 Thunderstruck - It’s Day Two of the ION Storm, with a reveal of the second element to make up the ionomy Power Grid
11-08-2017 - Power Grid Storm Day #1 Lightning Strikes - Lightning Services enable the ION Advantage: cash-like tournament prizes, discounts, and unified multi-platform gamer accounts.
10-08-2017 - The ionomy Storm is nearly upon us! -
05-08-2017 - ION Storm rolling in: 7 days of giveaways, Thunder, and Lightning - Get ready for Power Grid with a week of prizes. Forecast: Thunder and Lightning A weeklong ION Storm is brewing.
28-06-2017 - ION reaches ATH (all time high) on Bittrex exchange of $3.11 -
27-06-2017 - ION wallet Community Edition released (ION version
26-06-2017 - Alert! New ION wallet requires immediate update -
17-06-2017 - Alert! IMPORTANT: Get ready for a hard fork -
05-06-2017 - IIPS advance the ionomy economy-
02-06-2017 - ionomy partnerships -
23-05-2017 - Crypto Gravity Updated, Facebook integration and more. The Moon or Bust Teaser Trailer released @
17-05-2017 - ION wallet upgrades including Testnet functionality! Run testnet=1 in the config to enable. check out the repo @
10-05-2017 - ionomy Studios’ revenue supports ION/BTC market using revenue from Crypto Gravity to buy direct off the market, marking a major milestone that shows the power of ionomy’s business model in action.
04-04-2017 - Buy ION feature- anyone with an ION wallet address can swap their BTC (and over 30 altcoins!) for ION — no or exchange account necessary.
24-03-2017 - ionomy Hosted Masternodes - Anyone can sign up to the ionomy hosted Masternode service, all levels of technical expertise can enjoy stress-free Masternode management. The Masternode Hosting Service includes DDoS protection to reduce the threat of network attack, and monitoring scripts to auto start or restart in case of any problem. Rest assured ionomy is monitoring your Masternode for maximum earnings!
Masternode FAQ
22-03-2017 - Card upgrades - Crypto Gravity in game cards - Cards replace and extend staker skins. Just like skins, cards boost staker returns. But the new cards available today interact with games by depositing performance enhancers directly into Crypto Gravity!
07-03-2017 - Crypto Gravity released on the App Store for iOS users - Apple and Android players compete in the weekly tournament. Champions win substantial prizes: ION is paid directly to your ionomy account if you make the Leaderboard Top 10. Additionally, at]], you can purchase lives at half price when paying with ION. Head over the to App Store to start playing — and winning @
03-03-2017 - Crypto Gravity released on Google Play for Android users - Lead character Grav must navigate the dangers of a futuristic dystopian galaxy, plagued by deadly robots and collapsing infrastructure. Only Grav can restore the powers of the blockchain, and he’s racing against time. Jump and shoot your way through the galaxy to restore the power of the blockchain to the people. Gravity melds easy-to-learn touch and tilt controls with old-­school levels of difficulty. The weekly tournament pits ionomy players and teams against each other for substantial prizes. Champions win ION cryptocurrency coin, paid directly to their ionomy account. Download now @
20-02-2017 - ION coin core 2.0 client wallet - ION 2.0 — Great performance now; great bones for the future
19-02-2017 - ION coin is listed on Bittrex exchange @
13-02-2017 - ION Wallet Update 1.2.4 - Updated v 1.2.4 ION wallets have been released. This wallet release improves transaction acceptance speeds and wallet stability. Please update all wallets.
02-02-2017 - ION-upgrade - ion core rebased - upgrade your wallets now.
01-02-2017 - ION Core Code Rebase Update - Hello ionomy, The ION team has been testing the rebased ION core code with the testnet community and is finalizing the release candidate.
07-01-2017 - ION Timeline Update - Bittrex? Gravity? What’s happening?
03-01-2017 - Happy New Year ionomy! - The War on Christmas has reached its merry end. Team Green reigns victorious over the North Pole. Congratulations to both teams for a hard fought competition.
26-12-2017 - The war rages on! - As Santa returns from his rounds, he discovers that a horrible battle has ravaged the North Pole. Oh, the carnage...
20-12-2017 - It's a War.....on Christmas - Merry Christmas ionomy! It’s time to prepare for battle! The North Pole has been split into two factions.
15-12-2017 - ionomy Corporate Move - ionomy has relocated its corporate headquarters!
12-12-2017 - ION Android Mobile Wallet Released - Today marks an important landmark in ION development: We have awarded the first bounty to a community member who fulfilled one of our specified development goals

28-11-2016 - Card store - The G.O.A.T 5% APR
28-11-2016 - Card store - Cyber Monday Special 15% APR
25-11-2016 - Card store - Black Friday Special 11% APR
25-11-2016 - Investor of the month competition launched on
25-11-2016 - ionomy Black Friday Specials - It’s Black Friday, and that means a Black Friday sale must take place.
21-11-2016 - Buy ion feature made available on
21-11-2016 - ionomy Cyber Monday - Welcome to the holidays! The ionomy Cyber Monday Sale is now live. Log in to and take advantage of this limited time sale.]]
20-11-2016 - ION Testnet Update - Testing of the next ion wallet release has begun on the ion-testnet. This update will feature several GUI fixes and updates. &newwin%

20-11-2016 - ionomy Votes 2016 - The U.S. election is looming over the earth like a giant meteor. So why not have some fun? ionomy votes starts now!
07-11-2016 - Card store - Election Skin Special Johnson 7.5% APR
07-11-2016 - Card store - Election Skin Special Clinton 7.5% APR
07-11-2016 - Card store - Election Skin Special Trump 15% APR

27-10-2016 - Spooky Staketacular bonus rate stakers released
23-10-2016 - Hardware mining contracts EOL announced due to Bitcoin reward halving and mining difficulty making it uneconomically viable to continue as per agreement in contracts taken.
10-10-2016 - ionomy Staking Spooktacular - It’s that time of year. The time when the scariest, spookiest, most otherworldly…...Fangtastic… Stake rates rise from their slumbers to haunt the ionomy…
01-10-2016 - Crypto Gravity Alpha now live! - ionomy is pleased to announce the release of the Crypto Gravity Alpha. This marks the first step towards the wider release of the first ionomy produced game and represents a very important step toward the greater realization of the ionomy as a whole.
07-07-2016 - Alpha testing stage of Crypto Gravity (V1) the game has begun
07-07-2016 - ION testnet goes live
24-06-2016 - ionomy Communications officer is appointed
16-06-2016 - Atom bonus coins released from Stakers (8:1 ratio)
06-06-2016 - Gravity the game video preview released
31-05-2016 - ION added to YoBit digital coin trading exchange @ - TRADE WITH EXTREME CAUTION ON YOBIT
18-05-2016 - ION/BTC Exchange goes live on
18-05-2016 - 16:21 GMT - Coins go live on and the ION blockchain.
16-05-2016 - ionomy ICO completed TOTAL SOLD 2,738,599 / 5,000,000
25-04-2016 - platform is opened to all
25-04-2016 - Week four of ICO. TOTAL SOLD 2,543,975 / 5,000,000
21-04-2016 - platform opens April 25th - is proud to announce that the launch of full platform is on April 25th. Registered users will now be able to access offerings including an online BTC wallet, Stakers, and Atoms Auctions.
18-04-2016 - Week three of ICO. TOTAL SOLD 2,310,980 / 5,000,000
11-04-2016 - Week two of ICO.
09-04-2016 - ION technical white paper released (v0.1)
08-04-2016 - 2,208,678 of 5,000,000 ICO sold.

07-04-2016 - All Initial Staker Offerings have sold out

07-04-2016 - 11:47 GMT - 9 month Inital Staker Offerings have now sold out
07-04-2016 - 11:15 GMT - 6 month Initial Staker Offerings sold out.
03-04-2016 - 25% of the first week of ico sold out in the first 24 hours.
03-04-2016 - Initial coin offering goes live.
03-04-2016 - 12-month ION Stakers sell out in less than 60 minutes.
03-04-2016 - ION Stakers made available to load up for 3, 6 and 9 months.
03-04-2016 - ION ICO Details Release -
02-04-2016 - ionomy and the ION platform are announced.

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